Community Manager

In a Nutshell

You will be the primary point of contact for members, tenants, and residents (i.e. existing customers) who need assistance at BOLD Cowork or BOLD Lofts. Your goal is to make sure people love being on BOLD Campus, while maintaining “law and order” and ensuring the survival and success of the company. You will also work with all members of the BOLD team, often sharing tasks and projects. You’ll help each other (sometimes outside of your specific role), but at the end of the day, everyone takes responsibility for their specific job duties.

Terms of Employment

  • Full time, salaried position starting at $40,000 (negotiable, depending on experience)
  • On-site hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm, plus after occasional after hours presence for emergencies, parties, special events, etc.
  • Flexible Vacation Policy (after 90 days)
  • Health insurance benefits (after 90 days)

Education and Experience

  • BA/BS in business, sales or related field, relevant experience or a combination
  • 2+ years commercial or multi-family management experience
  • Property Management software experience preferred

Skills and Experience

  • Excellent customer service and skills: a “people person”
    • Friendly, but firm: we want people to like us, but respect our authority.
  • Extremely organized, attention to detail
  • Self-managed and able to stay focused without constant supervision
  • Ability to work well in a team, focusing efforts on a common goal
  • Reliable and on-time, maintaining a shared calendar with the team (Google Calendar)
  • Excellent phone / email etiquette, and conversational skills
  • Professional writing level (use of appropriate tone, spelling, grammar, etc.)
  • Excellent computer skills (Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
  • Ability to multi-task and complete objectives, even while new ones are added to the plate
  • Marketing and/or advertising experience strongly favored
    • Experience with Google / Facebook ad manager is a plus

Location Specific Functions

  • BOLD Cowork
    Management of all members in Cobot (cowork management system)
    Co-management of tenants in AppFolio (property management system)
  • BOLD Lofts
    Co-management of tenants in AppFolio (property management system)
    Delivering notices to tenants (e.g. late rent, rules violations, fines, etc.)

General Responsibilities (“Campus Wide”)

  • Follow “Fair Housing Standards” in all matters, when working with residents
  • General on-site presence and management
  • Ensures proper enforcement of rules and regulations of proper facility use
  • Responds to residential complaints and concerns in a timely and professional manner
  • Relaying tenant communications to BOLD ownership team when necessary
  • Checking credentials of Campus Members as they enter to ensure membership dues are paid and member is in good standing
  • Monitoring of building, amenities use / scheduling, and ensuring…
    • conference rooms (etc.) are scheduled in order to be used.
    • no member is over-using any amenities and preventing use for other members.
    • amenities are clean and utilities are functioning.
  • Member & Tenant On-Boarding
  • Setup of accounts
  • Review and confirmation of paperwork and payments
  • Review of facility policies
  • Assignment of building fobs and keys

Additional responsibilities within the typical scope of this title / role

To Apply

Send a PDF of your resume to:

Please mention any relevant experience in the body of the email. You’re welcome to include any other information about why you think you would be a great candidate for this role and a great addition to the BOLD team. We are an equal opportunity employer and will never discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.